What is PodSmith?

PodSmith is a utility to make full use of your iPod.
PodSmith uses your iPod as a key for security and for various synchronization features.

Protect your data from unexpected data theft or leak.

PodSmith Protects your data with your iPod.
With PodSmith, iPod works as a key for your computer.
You can lock or unlock your Macintosh with your iPod.

Are you tired of iSync that is just auto backup?

You'll have full advantage of auto-sync between Macintosh and iPod.

A sample use of PodSmith:

Mount an iPod to replace the Safari bookmarks of your Mac with your iPod's bookmarks.
Then unmount it to go back to the original bookmarks.
Your favorite bookmarks are always in your iPod to share anywhere, anytime.

PodSmith can encrypt the sync data in your iPod.
PodSmith will keep your privacy even if your iPod is stolen.
Can iSync do that?

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How does PodSmith protect my computer?

1. Screen Lock
You can lock and unlock the screen by unmounting and mounting your iPod.
Of course you can unlock the computer by typing your password without your iPod. 
  2. File/Folder Lock
Specified folders or files can be locked by unmounting your iPod. 
 3. Application Lock
Disable all applications except those you specify.
 4. Mount Lock
Disable mount the removable devices such as USB memory, iPod, CD-R/RW, and external Hard disks.
This function protect you from unexpected data theft or leak.
Of cause you can mount the specified drives.
 5. Monitoring
PodSmith allow you to monitoring the mounted drives, application usage and contents of drives.

How can I unlock if my iPod stolen or broken?

You can unlock your computer by typing the password.

PodSmith system requirements

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
iPod (Optional)
Any iPod - including iPod Shuffle.
Intel Mac Compatible

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Contact Information About PodSmith:

MAKI Enterprise Inc.
P.O Box 6 Awaikeda, Tokushima, Japan
Zip code: 7780000
Phone +81 883 72 5452 Fax+81 883 72 6380
e-mail: info@makie.com

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