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Presentation anytime, anywhere

version 1.7 - Best companion for PowerBook G3/G4, iBook

Magical Marker is new style business tool.

With Magical Marker, you can do beautiful, impressive
and effective presentation without preparation.

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Your monitor turns into a white board !

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What does Magical Marker do ?

Magical Marker draw something directly on the screen working with any application.
You can do beautiful presentation using stamps and stickers without preparation.

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What is the strong point of a presentation with Magical Marker ?

Your presentation will the most impressive one.
Of course you have to make it beautiful and easy to understand.
Magical Marker helps you to present more applicably to each companion or audience.

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What is Magician mode in Magical Marker?

In the Magician mode, you can wipe or undo without Marker Palette.
You can also change the Marker pen only with moving the mouse cursor to the screen corner.
It will help smooth presentation.

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More details

Is it easy to use?

Yes! It works with the mouse.
It never bothers you about any operation during your presentation.
Of course you can control Magical Marker by keyboard.
Magical Marker is suitable for any meeting place; large presentation with wide projector, seminar, arrangements with you neighbor.

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Can it print drawings out?

Magical Marker can take screen shots after you draw and put stamps or stickers, then you can print them out with one-click.
Your presentation can be recorded as a file.

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System requirements:

MacOS 7.5.3 or later (MacOS 8.6 or later recommended)
Macintosh with 256 colors (or more) monitor.

Available on Touch Panel monitor and tablet.
Suitable for mobile presentation with PowerBook !

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Magical Marker is only US$ 49.-

Get Magical Marker, and you'll be the best presenter

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