Magellan Pro is designed as an email management tool for people who handles lots of email every day.

Magellan Pro
automates mail processing.

Main features of Magellan Pro

Read messages in "View." View is an epoch-making management way of e-mail messages, it is easier and better than folder.
Folder is also supported.
Spam filter by accurate content analysis works without any other plug-ins.
history and bookmark feature like as browser
Speedy and easy to access to the specified mail.
Automated responder: Magellan Pro automated reply according to the contents of received mail.
Automated mail forward works on multiple accounts.
Sherlock Index search is available as well as normal search. (OS9 only)
Multilingual email is available. Any languages can correctly be send and received.
Fastest performance of all e-mail clients. Try and compare to others.
Email application has to be stable enough to keep working all day. Compare the stability.
Even if your received email has garbage characters, you can change to correct character encoding.

Specification of Magellan Pro :

Multi account At most 32 accounts E-mail address Pop-up Supported
Attachment encoding AppleSingle,AppleDouble,BinHex,Base64, UUEncode Language conversion Supported
Text clip Header,Free,Footer Number of Attachment file Infinite
Filtering Supported as mail database Direct attachment launch Supported
Languages More than 60 languages (90 languages are supported inside.) Conditioned View Supported
Multilanguage 1 byte/2 byte language and RTL languages are supported. APOP Supported
Multilanguage Unicode, MultiScript SMTP Authentication LOGIN
Character encoding Auto detected Find feature Supported
Character decoding Auto detected Find By contents Supported
Skip mail Skip mail by size Indexing Supported
Action Start-up other applications on quit/start-up of Magellan. Find results listing Supported
HTML mail Supported Sorting Supported
Base language selection of Unicode. Supported Mail tracing Supported
Spell checker WordService is supported. (skip other languages on multilingual message) Internet Config Supported
Spam filter Supported by Content analysis Clickable URL Supported
Data protection Diagnosing and repairing mail database. Label Supported
Japanese, Korean Auto Proof Separation of of HTML tag Supported
RTL language RTL/LTR indent is supported. Context menu Supported
Pop before SMTP Supported Keep paragraph at sending of mail Supported
AppleScript Supported partly. (check mail and send mail) Selection of Auto forwarding item Supported
Auto reply Setup on multiple accounts is available. Different messages are automatically reply according to the contents of received mail. Auto forward
Auto Redirect
Setup on multiple accounts is available.
Working History Weekly histry is supported Bookmark Supported

System requirements

Hardware and MacOS PowerMacintosh with 6MB of memory, 10MB or over space of hard drive (HFS+ is recommended.)
MacOS 8.6 or newer, TextEncoding Converter 1.31 or newer, Internet control panel is available.Internet config 1.4 or newer.)

For OS X version

Mac OSX 10.15 or later
For multilingual email To use multilingual email, Language Kit of Apple Computer or localized system is required. Recommended Format of hard drive is HFS+.
Index search by Sherlock MacOS 9.0 or newer is required.
Price Single user license US$ 35.-

2 User license US$ 60.-

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