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Current version is 3.5.2

Magellan is the fastest email client even on MacOS X.

Magellan is a new generation of Macintosh e-mail client software.

Magellan is developed unconventionally to be simple, easy-to-use mailer.
Do you love "folders"?
Magellan manage your mails with "View" instead of folder.

Magellan allows user to:

   Try easy and fast e-mail client.

Specification of Magellan

Multi-account at most 16 accounts E-mailaddress Pop-up supported
Attachment encoding AppleSingle, AppleDouble, BinHex, Base64, UUEncode Conditioned view supported
Text Clip HeadClip,FreeClip, FootClip supported APOP supported
Filter supported as mail data base Find supported
Languages more than 60 languages Find result View supported
Multilingual 1 byte, 2 bytes and RTL languages are supported Mail Sort supported
Multilingual format Unicode, MultilScript Mail Trace supported
Character set Auto select Internet Config supported
Decoding Auto select Clickable URL supported
Skip mail allows to skip mail by size Label & Label color supported
HTML mail supported Language convert supported
Spell check support Word Service Spam filter Build-in
Protect your data Diagnose & repair your mail data ContextMenu supported
Japanese/Korean Auto Proof Keep paragraph supported
RTL languages RightToLeft/LeftToRight indent support Pop before SMTP supported
Fast Search support Sherlock FBC search SMTP Authentication supported
Scriptable support sendmail Folder supported
Working History Weekly histry is supported Bookmark supported

System requirements

Hardware PowerMacintosh with 6MB space of memory, 10MB or over space of hard drive (HFS+ is recommended.)
MacOS MacOS 8.6 or newer, TextEncoding Converter 1.31 or newer, Internet control panel is available. Internet config 1.4 or newer.)

To use Index search, MacOS 9.0 is required.

To use Mac OS X version, Mac OS X 10.04 or later required.
For multilingual Each language Kit or localized version of MacOS is installed.


Accessible to SMTP and POP3 mail server.

Magellan's SPAM filter

Why can Magellan correctly send and receive message in any languages?
Why cannot other e-mail client do that?


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Magellan FAQ

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Inquiry about Magellan

MAKI Enterprise Inc.
7780000 P.O.Box 6
Awaikeda, Tokushima, Japan
Phone +81-883-72-5452
Fax +81-883-72-6380
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