Parental control server software for Mac OS X

Filters Harmful Sites
for any computer on your network

Version 1.7.0

What's new in version 1.7
More accurate filtering, more speed and more safety ...

Now KidsGoGoGo Caster included
Free and Easiest to use Real Time Monitor
You can monitor what your clients are doing online in real time.
Additionally, you can share and distribute the web sites to all users.
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What is KidsServer?

KidsServer is proxy server software with advanced web filtering capabilities.
It is Mac OS X based and able to restrict browsers in any operating system (Mac OS9, Mac OS X, Windows, Unix and so on) in your network.

What web content will be filtered?

Information/entertainment for adult-only (adult sites) will be filtered out regardless of commercial or non commercial content. Targeted contents include sexually explicit expression, one word, plural, wrong words material, web search results related to erotic or suggestive BBS or chat links, adult-only productys or services, online casinos, hatred or violence sites.


How does KidsServer work?

KidsServer works for all computers in your network.
KidsServer has built in support for more than 10 types of filters followed.

Multiple filters provide a highly successful and extreamly accurate filtering process.

Control KidsServer anywhere by browser

Using your favourite browser you can change the settings of KidsServer from anywhere in your network.

KidsServer not just for blocking

Make automatic changes to the web pages for your users.

KidsServer supports adding annotations to the web pages.
KidsServer allows you to customize the contents of web sites.
For example, you can attach notes to a technical term or add links to a dictionary site.

Example of an annotation

Before (Original web contents)

After (Annotated web contents)
Muwse can handle multilingual HTML documents and Unicode. Muwse can handle multilingual HTML documents and Unicode.
Magellan can reject spam such as UCE, UBE, MLM, mail-bomb. Magellan can reject spam such as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial e-mail), UBE ( Unsolicited Bulk e-mail), MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), mail-bomb.

Additional web sites for your students

It's URLs via translation site.
Your students can now use millions of additional useful foreign language sites.

Share the web in a classroom

KidsGoGoGo Caster , the best companion for your classroom and it comes free of charge.
KidsGoGoGo Caster allow you to know what your kids are doing online in real time.
Teacher can distribute the current URL address to all browsers in real time.

The URL address will be added to a list and a nottification message will be displayed to all students.
When the students click the URL in the list the browser will open the web page.
Teacher can create a whole list first and then distribute the complete to all users at one time.
KidsGoGoGo Caster is the first site sharing software in the market.
Our software lets you use the distributed web sites as text book.
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Key features of KidsServer

Forced Safe Searches Regardless of the user setting, safe search is always turned ON when using major search engines.

The best way to stay away from harmful sites !
Restrict Movies Restrict many harmful broadband movies.
The settings will allow you to permit specific movie sites.

You can cut down on a lot of bandwidth!
Restrict Blog sites Both HTTP and XML data can be inspected.
Block RSS feeds as well as web sites.
Block downloading of explicit Podcasts by browser and by iTunes.
Advantage of OS X KidsServer is not a kernel extension nor open source Unix soft ware.
It is a pure OS X application that takes advantage of the latest OS X operating systems.
More than 10 filters Multiple filtersettings are effective in restricting the unknown sites that need to be blocked.
Adjustable server tasks KidsServer allow you to adjust the capacities of the server.
You may use your Mac as combination of server and client or use as an exclusive proxy server.
Disable downloading Downloading can be restricted based on the file extension or suffix.

You can cut down on a lot of wasted bandwidth!
Log recording KidsServer records both system logs and access logs.
Edit the data You can automatically edit URLs to permit or strict, add words and block by extention. Any cahnges take place immediately without any reboots.
Setting by browser KidsServer allow the remote administration.
You can control the KidsServer by the browser anywhere always.
No IP address regulation KidsServer does not shut down when you reach your maximum number of clients. We understand that at times the load will increase higher than your license specifies, but KidsServer will allow you to keep working in those rare occasions.
annotation It is possible to access foreign URLs via translation sites.
Relay Its possible to access the URL via the translation site.
Compare the costs Compare the cost and performance features of KidsServer to the competetors and you will see that KidsServer is the right choice.


Do I need the fastest Mac for KidsServer?

You can install the KidsServer onto any Macintosh that running OS X.
If you plan on serving many clients then you should consider using the fastest model available.

Can I update the database?

The database updates automatically in the background based on any changes you make in the configuration.

Is KidsServer setup simple?

It is very simple.
However, you must know how to work with IP addresses to perform the setup and to adjust some filters.

Is client setup simple?

It is simple.
You must change the setting for the proxy address at each client.

How can I control the KidsServer?

You can control the KidsServer with your favorite browser from anywhere on your network.
See, the screen shot of the KidsServer administrator.

How much does KidsServer cost?

KidsServer is licensed for an annual fee. The year begins whenever you make the first payment.
Please check the price list for more details.

Can I try the KidsServer for free before I make the payment?

Yes, you can.
Please download a fully working copy of KidsServer.
You can test KidsServer for 14 days for free.

We have two methods for trying KidsServer without purchasing: standard installation and quick evaluation.
Quick evaluation introduces the steps to learn about KidsServer without actually installing for a network.
It works by blocking on your computer only. The standard installation will perform all the blocking tasks for
your complete network for up to 14 days. This method is the best if you want to test its capacity and
speed along with the actual filters.
More details of the software are described in our user's manual. Please read the manual carefully before trying
the software.

I would like personal or home version.

Please take a look at the features of the Kids GoGoGo or KidsServer Personal for home or personal use.

I want to learn more about KidsServer

KidsServer FAQ

KidsServer Screen dump

Connection example

Trouble Shooting

Download KidsServer

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Looking for the Filtering Proxy for your family - Try KidsServerPE

KidsServer System requirements:

Server machine

Mac OS X 10.3 or later.
Local networking. (Ethernet or wireless is recommended)
Internet connectivity.

128MB or more memory installed. (depends on client numbers)

Client machine

Local networking. (Ethernet or wireless is recommended)
Internet connectivity.
TCP/IP is available.

Contact Information about KidsServer:

MAKI Enterprise Inc.
P.O Box 6 Awaikeda, Tokushima, Japan
Zip code: 7780000
Phone +81 883 72 5452 Fax+81 883 72 6380

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