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Last updated August 20 2009

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We suspend Web sales temporary for changing products line.

(Mac OS 9 & OSX) Update August 03 -Leopard support   (Mac OSX) NEW August.01 -Leopard support
Block the sites you don't want them to see.
Work with any browsers.
Compulsory "Safe Searches" reduce the chances to meet to harmful sites.
Monitoring web, screen, Messengers and iPod!
  Net Boot version of KidsGoGoGo
The KidsGoGoGo NB package contains KidsGoGoGo Server and KidsGoGoGo client software. KidsGoGoGo Server will gather the all web logs and update the database for all client computers.
Reduce maintenance costs and save time for your network.
(Mac OSX) Update December 11 - Leopard support   (Mac OSX) Update October 11 - Leopard support
KidsServerPE is Web filtering Client software for Mac OS X.
Protect your family from huge porn sites.
World first Annotation & Relay for you kids.
  Web filtering Proxy for Mac OS X.
Filtering the harmful sites for all computers in network!
(Mac OSX) Update November 15 - Leopard support   (Mac OSX) Update July 01 - Tiger support
KidsFilterShare is a utility to share the KidsGoGoGo's filtering features to all computers.
Regardless of wireless, wired LAN, computer model or OS version, KidsFilterShare can filter all computers in your network.
  PodSmith is a utility to make full use of your iPod.
PodSmith uses your iPod as a key for security and for various synchronization features.
(Mac OSX) Update December 20 - Tiger support    (Mac OS 9 & OSX) November.26 - Tiger support
NewsFan is the RSS web news aggregater.
Gathering, Find, Ticker, translate the latest news.
Smart folder, PodCasting, Restrict harmful RSS, etc.,
  Mail automation. mail management software
Spam filter by
context analysis.
Speedy and easy to access to the specified mail.
 (Mac OS 9 & OS X) January.07 - Tiger support    
 HTML Editor. Make Web with multiple languages    
 Unicode Input, Uploading/Downloading source code    

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